Prudence Says...

Prudence Says...

Apply online by filling out the form below or download the application form and send it Box 25-362, Christchurch, or Fax to 03-377 1909.


Property Address
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Length of Tenancy

Your Details

Full Name
Date of Birth
Home Phone
Work Phone
Current Address

How long have you lived here (years)?
Please state why you are leaving?
Name and phone number of current landlords.
Previous landlords.

Name, address and phone of close relative
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Employment Details

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Total number to reside in the property
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I agree and acknowledge that the Good Girls Property Management Ltd may give this information to their agent and obtain from a third party, information about my personal or commercial credit arrangements including information about my credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history or credit capacity for the particular purpose for which this information is required.

I/we, the applicants/s delcare that I/we have never been evicted or held liable for damage or non-payment of rent in the last five years.

I/we, the applicants/s delcare that I/we are not brankrupt or undischarged bankrupts and that the information provided by me is true and correct.

I have inspected the above prmises and wish to apply for the tenancy of the premises for a period of months,
at a rental of $ per week.

I /we undertake to pay a rental bond and pay the first weeks rent in the way of bank cheque or cash upon signing the Residential tenancy aggreement.