Siobhan Says...

Siobhan Says...

The Good Girls is locally owned and operated; we know this town, and we want you to be able to sit back and enjoy watching the dollars roll in! And we take everything personally — if you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

Our standard fees are 8% and we aim to give you REAL value for money (and don’t forget, our fee is tax deductible!). And the Good Girls operate a company trust account to keep your money safe—did you know, that not all property management companies do this???

We are available to take care of everything to do with your property 24-7, and you will receive 6-monthly Rental Appraisals to ensure correct yields (your rental property is a business, not a charity), and 3-monthly personally written Property Inspection Reports (these are highly detailed, no generic forms, or tick-boxes here!) … and don’t forget, we offer to take care of your initial EQC inspection for FREE, and if you wish, we can handle some, or all, of the earthquake-repair process!

With the Good Girls, we also offer the additional services of assistance and advice with non-earthquake repairs, project management, renovations, alterations, and redecorations (while ensuring returns on money invested) - we have a fabulous team of competent contractors we have worked with for years, who are ready and waiting to get to work!

On the rare occasion, should the need arise, the additional service of Tenancy Tribunal representation is also available.